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Really difficult to squeeze everything in this issue, which is always a good sign. Fast Pulse is particularly packed, so if you reckon there is anything that might keep, it might be worth holding over a story or two, but let’s see. A few notes:

• We’ve put Charlotta Lyon discussing the Sustainability Report to cover Environment in Briefing, because it seems a good way to have a spokesperson talking in general terms about what Tetra Pak is doing, rather than focusing on the rather specific stories that have been put forward. These seem to us to work better in Fast Pulse. This also means that although we’ve given Environment only a single page in the Briefing section, we’ve balanced that with a spread of nice stories in FastPulse.
• Similarly, by giving Growth a spread in WorldView, as you have suggested, that allows us to (try to!) limit it to a single page in Briefing. We have to be strict and reduce two of the priorities, or we won’t be able to fit everything in…
• We’ve gone with spreads for Innovation and Performance, partly to be a bit different with our leads, and partly because it allows us to focus on a couple of people we haven’t featured before – Jon Mikaelsson and Eric Baudier (or Sam Strömersten). If you think that works and is a good idea, it would be good to shoot them both, if we can.
• It was a tough choice whether to make a feature out of Retail management or Filtration, but Retail management just edged it as it seems to have more components, while Filtration also has a news angle. We’ll try to make as much as we can of Filtration in FastPulse – at least two thirds of a spread – as it seems such a good story.

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