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When M&S and the Fishmongers’ Company, one of the Great Twelve Livery Companies of the City of London, joined forces in a pioneering venture to promote sustainable seafood, we helped them develop a new content platform to get their message across. The result was Fish on Friday, an online resource that provided an independent voice for fishing and coastal communities, helping to nurture a responsible approach to sourcing seafood, and guiding consumers in the ways that they can find and enjoy fish sourced through them.

We designed and built the Fish on Friday website, developed the brand identity, generated the content, and built and managed the subscriber database for a weekly email newsletter. A compelling mix of engaging human stories, practical information, seasonal recipes and timely issues and events, Fish on Friday developed into an in-depth guide to fish and fishing in the UK today, with a loyal following of readers and a significant industry presence. After running successfully for six years, it has now been absorbed into a new Fishmongers’ Company online initiative called Discover Seafood, an interactive portal for all things seafood.

“Sunny Creative are natural story-tellers. They are able to find, extract and relate compelling human narratives that really resonate and bring a project or a brand to life. And they do it in plain, elegant, readable English, which looks so easy, yet is not – the mark of intelligent and capable copywriting.”

James fforde
The Fishmongers’ Company


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